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Ash Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ash Wednesday Vesper Service

A Call to Repentance and Simple Living

First Day of Lent                                                        March 5, 2014


* * * Entering Into God’s Presence * * *



 (Please refrain from conversation during the Prelude as we quietly prepare to worship God)


Call to Worship   (Read responsively)

God sent Jesus Christ into the world not to condemn the world,

but that the world might be saved through him.

God's love endures forever.


God is our refuge and strength, a present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear though the earth should change, though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea; though the waters roar and foam, though mountains tremble with its tumult.

God's love endures forever.


Prayer of the Day


Hymn of Adoration         “Dear Lord and Father of Mankind”         Red Book # 639


* * * Listening to God’s Word * * *


Prayer for Illumination


First Reading                              Isaiah 58:1-12                      pew Bible page 617


Hymn                “My Faith Looks Up to Thee”  (vs. 1-3)                Red Book # 539


*Second Reading                  Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21                    pew Bible page 811


The Word Proclaimed           “Piety, not Religion”            Pastor Raymond M. Tear


* * * Responding to God’s Grace * * *



Third Reading                            Psalm 51:1-17                         pew Bible page 474


Invitation to Observe the Lenten Discipline        


Litany of Penitence  (Read responsively)

Let us Pray.

Holy and merciful God, we confess to You and to one another, and to the whole communion of saints in heaven and on earth, that we have sinned by our own fault in thought, word, and deed, by what we have done, and by what we have left undone.


We have not loved you with our whole heart, mind, and strength. We have not loved our neighbors as ourselves. We have not forgiven others as we have been forgiven.

Have mercy on us, O God.


We have not listened to your call to serve as Christ served us. We have not been true to the mind of Christ. We have grieved your Holy Spirit.

Have mercy on us, O God.


We confess to you, O God, all our past unfaithfulness: The pride, hypocrisy, and impatience in our lives, we confess to you, O God. Our self-indulgent appetites and ways and our exploitation of other people,    

we confess to You, O God.


Our anger at our own frustration and our envy of those more fortunate than ourselves,   

we confess to You, O God.


Our intemperate love of worldly goods and comforts, and our dishonesty in daily life and work,  

 we confess to You, O God.


Our negligence in prayer and worship, and our failure to commend the faith that is in us,  

we confess to You, O God.


Accept our repentance, O God, for the wrongs we have done. For our neglect of human need and suffering and our indifference to injustice and cruelty,

accept our repentance, O God.


For all false judgments, for uncharitable thoughts toward our neighbors, and for our prejudice and contempt toward those who differ from us,

accept our repentance, O God.


For misuse of Your creation and our lack of concern for those who come after us,

accept our repentance, O God.


Restore us, O God, and let Your anger depart from us.

Favorably hear us, O God, for Your mercy is great.



Worshipers, who would like to receive the sign of the cross with ashes, please come up the center aisle to the front of the chancel. One by one the pastor will mark the sign of the cross on the foreheads or right hands of those who desire it.


The Litany Continues  (Responsive)

Accomplish in us, O God, the work of Your salvation,

That we may show forth Your glory in the world.


By the cross and passion of our Savior,

bring us with all Your saints to the joy of Christ's resurrection.


 *Hymn of Preparation           “O Jesus, I Have Promised”             Red Book # 676


* * * Sent Out as Servants * * *


*Blessing and Charge (Read responsively)

Go in Peace to love and serve the Lord.

Thanks to be God.

(Let all quietly depart)


* Postlude   


* Please stand (if able) when prompted by the worship leader.


WELCOME GUESTS!  We are glad the LORD led you to worship with us this evening. We hope you feel the warmth of Christ’s love here, and are touched by His Spirit. We invite you to return at 9:55 am on Sunday for worship.

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